Monday, 12 March 2007

Welcome to Ninove!!!!

As a nice little welcome to Ninove for the British cruise, upon arrival Freddy took as all to this nicely named little brewery for a swift beer! Thanks pal!

Then it was left up to us to cause chaos on the little streets of Ninove - lots of Brits driving on the wrong side of the road - never a good thing! we got to the hotel in the end though ;-)

Nice work on the map reading Mr Medhurst!

After checking in to the Hotel we were off to a nice local restaurant for yet another finely organised function - a huge crowd of us scared the locals and we all enjoyed a great meal cooked by this geezer!!!

As you can see - the beer and wine was flowing!

BerT3 and Danny doing some Type 3 buffing. Good to meet you both at last guys!

Sorry Rikki - just had to post this photo!

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Mobi : VW 1303 "Kodok" 1973 said...

cheers and drink up... but don't forget not to drink and drive oke..