Monday, 12 March 2007

Final Words!!!

All that is left to say is - Freddy / Kobus - and all the other guys who organised the FreddyFiles 2007 - THANK YOU!

It was a great day - well done and I'm sure we'll be seeing you next year!

Photo Album!!!!

To see ALL one hundred and something photos of the cars at the show - then have a look at this album!

Ninove 2007

way home!

So - I got up bright and early this morning - caught an early Tunnel and after 8 hours straight driving I made it back to Nottingham!

The M25 wasn't too clever though :-(

but it was good to see this!!!

last few....

The Pimp Master Flash - Freddy cruising the show on the Dax!

Mycha was a happy man collecting his type 3 porn - NOS fasty fender beading!

BerT3 says his final farewells!

and the British convoy sets off home on the Sunday afternoon - I stayed on another day (thank god - far too tired!)

and some more......

Even Freddy's shop was decorated to suit!!!

some nice rare stuff here!

more pics

The big day!

Around 40 Type 3's turned up on the day!!!! I've never seen so many in one place ever!!! amazing

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Welcome to Ninove!!!!

As a nice little welcome to Ninove for the British cruise, upon arrival Freddy took as all to this nicely named little brewery for a swift beer! Thanks pal!

Then it was left up to us to cause chaos on the little streets of Ninove - lots of Brits driving on the wrong side of the road - never a good thing! we got to the hotel in the end though ;-)

Nice work on the map reading Mr Medhurst!

After checking in to the Hotel we were off to a nice local restaurant for yet another finely organised function - a huge crowd of us scared the locals and we all enjoyed a great meal cooked by this geezer!!!

As you can see - the beer and wine was flowing!

BerT3 and Danny doing some Type 3 buffing. Good to meet you both at last guys!

Sorry Rikki - just had to post this photo!

The Cruise to Madness!

Well - the date was March 10th 2007 - the meeting point, Maidstone Services on the M20 - why????

the T2D Cruise to Ninove in Belgium for the annual FreddyFiles VW show. There were about 18 of us that set off and we all made it there on time with ZERO problems!!!! excellent result!

Here are a few pics of the first meet and the cruise to the tunnel and into France & Belgium

Nice view in the Albert Mirror eh!!!

Easy Rikki!!!